SimpleSysInfo 2.8

Learn all about your computer's technical specs


  • No installation required
  • Easy tabbed interface
  • Exports information in several ways
  • Option to hide serial numbers


  • Not as thorough as other similar tools

Very good

What processor does your computer have? How much RAM memory? What about hard drive capacity? These can all be tricky questions if you don't know where to look for answers.

SimpleSysInfo can lend you a hand. This easy app gathers information about your computer, including hardware details and operating system, and displays it on a simple tabbed interface. It's not as thorough as other system analysis tools, but focuses on core elements. Plus, it doesn't require installation!

The program includes data such as computer name, OS details, memory, processor, video and sound capabilities, and network adapters, among other elements. Is also includes a handy option to hide serial numbers, perfect to share your system info with other people without compromising your software licenses.

SimpleSysInfo not only displays the information on the screen, but also lets you export it to a report that can be saved on the hard drive, printed, emailed or converted into an image or HTML file.

It may not be as detailed as other system analysis tools, but SimpleSysInfo does a great job in displaying the basic technical data about your system.



SimpleSysInfo 2.8

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